Monday, December 1, 2008

.............Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving weekend was just the break I needed it to be. I got to sleep in, go to the movies, hang out with some friends from SLCC, go to a Jazz game, see the temple lights, eat tons of food, go shopping, hang out with my family! Life doesn;t get much better... although I'm sure it will over Christmas break =)

Twilight Weekend!

So the greatest weekend ever occured when my two loves combined: Twilight and Family. =) I saw Twilight at midnight with my friend in Delta, then drove up and got to see Jensa, Ryan, Ava and Chase! ... Then got to see Twilight again with Jensa!!! (It's better round 2)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Bum Leg

Exactly 7 weeks ago today that I tore my ACL. Which means 6 weeks since surgery. Has it really only been that long?! Honestly, this has been the longest 6 weeks of my life thus far. I'm practically dying here trying to keep myself sane. I feel so limited. There's still so much I can't do, and I've had a few set backs which have put me behind schedule for healing fast... Why does everyone else's life get to go on while mine has stopped?

Okay, I'll stop bumming you out and show you how the leg is looking now...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cedar City knows how to party!

So last night was Halloween. And let me tell you, our school went all out! Not only was almost every person at school dressed up for classes, but the campus was decked out with TONS of decorations... and those of you who attended Utah State probably know what I'm talking about when I say "The Howl". Well, we here in southern Utah like to throw one of our own. It was tons of fun getting dressed up, dancing, seeing friends, dancing, watching an illusionist, dancing and ...dancing! =) Here's a picture of the "dance floor" and me with two of my teammates.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ward Halloween Party!

So every year our ward here puts on a Halloween party for family night inside the airport hanger. (Mind you, it is Cedar City,, so its not exactly ginormous) but our bishop used to be a pilot so he's got some pretty sweet connections! I helped to set up for it and really enjoyed that night. I was tons of fun! We had dinner, learned a new line dance, did karaoke, and just screwed around. Here's a picture of me and my roommate Brianne. I let her borrow my other cape and be my side kick for the night! =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bon Fire

We went up the canyon a bit the other night to start a bon fire. It was freezing cold, but the fire made it bareable. Note to self- 19 year old guys and fires don't mix well!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Whole Decades

So yesterday was my twentieth birthday and it was so different in contrast to last year! Last year I went shopping, had a huge party at my house, then went to the club... this year however was more low key. I watched some conference while opening presents, went down to St. George to get a massage, hit up Neilsen's on my way home, went to dinner with my team, played Guitar Hero, ate some cake, and went to the hot tub (where i really only had one leg in). So although it was not as exciting as last year, it was still very fun-and relaxing! =)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Haircut! ... New Attitude?

So when mom was still out here helping me get around she took me to get my haircut and a pedicure... pretty sure my haircut was my favorite part! I love it! I actually cut off around 13 inches and donated it to Locks For Love. As you can tell the cut was much needed. I hadn't cut or trimmed my hair since last Thanksgiving! ...Maybe this new look will help me not be as bummed out?

Friday, October 3, 2008

7 Things...

7 Things I plan To Do Before I Die...

1. Travel Europe
2. Be fluent in Sign Language
3. Learn to Surf
4. Have 5 children (...I'll take 'em one at a time though)
5. Serve a mission
6. Win a National Championship (we'll see)
7. Out- live Breanne!

7 Things I Do Now...

1. Play Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo... daily
2. Rehab on my knee
3. Watch a number of TV shows religiously (i.e. Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, etc.)
4. Put too much on my plate (no, not food!)
5. Ride the motorized wheelchairs at Walmart
6. Scrapbook... currently I'm up to my senior year
7. Miss my family!

7 Things I Can't Do...

1. Not take insane amounts of pictures wherever I go
2. Imagine life without the Gospel
3. Walk normal (my new nickname is Peg Leg)
4. Cook anything other than pasta/ Top Raman
5. Remember anything I ever have planned past this evening
6. Stop reading the Twlight series over and over again
7. Play volleyball for at least 6 months =(

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex...

1. Humor
2. Smile (I don't do nasty teeth)
3. Height... at LEAST 6'1"
4. Sincerity/ Genuine-ness
5. Eyes
6. How he talks about people when they're not around
7. Athleticism

7 Things I Say Most Often...

1. My life sucks! (this just recently topped the charts)
2. (laugh... or cry) it depends on the time of day
3. FYI...
4. Seriously?!
5. Awesome!
6. Like nobody's business
7. Loves it!

7 Celebrities I Admire...

1. Kate Hudson
2. Alexis Bledel
3. Blake Lively
4. Princess Ava
5. Baby D
6. Chase-y bo Base-y
7. NOT Angelina Jolie...

7 Favorite Foods...

1. Hoooot Pockets =) ...only because I knewRyan would get a kick out of it!
2. Pretty much everything at Olive Garden
3. Neilsen's Frozen Custard
4. In-N-Out fries!
5. Homemade Oreo's
6. French Toast (made with Texas Toast)
7. Flaming Hot Cheeto's

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My ACL Surgery =(

So I tore my ACL and meniscus last tuesday at volleyball practice and had surgery on it today... apparently it went well, but I wouldn't know. Im hooked up to an IV thats sending a local anesthetic to just my knee, and tons of Percocet! Here's a picture of me right after surgery with my massive knee brace on and one of us getting stuff at Walmart, ridin' dirty =)

Also, just FYI... I start therapy on monday and it will be at least six months before I'm on the court again, maybe longer =(

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feel the Thunder!

So this last weekend was our first football game. Our team hadnt won a game in like a year and a half. So it was pretty exciting when we beat them 38-10! My team got all decked out with face paint and signs to support our friends... Also, there was some news coverage on our volleyball team the other night because we're starting up a new program. It was pretty exciting to see myself on television! =) Here's the link...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So volleyball is pretty much kicking my trash right now.... well, not so much playing as my strength and conditioning coach! It's pretty intense. But I'm excited becaue the harder we work now the better we'll be when we FINALLY get to compete a year from now! So far the only picture I have is from a meet and greet the football team thing where they had our mascot there... The girl on the far left is my roommate Brianne and the other one is my roommate/teammate Brooke. And the handome bird in the middle my friends is Thor the Thunderbird! =)

Been so long...

Its been a while since I last updated this. Ive been super busy moving and finishing up stuff in California before coming up to Cedar City for school. Here a few pictures to wrap up the end of my summer break. I finished up working at Boys & Girls Club for now (my favorite little girl was Jordan. I'm gonna miss her=*( )... Nathan had his birthday "party"... I went to the Ventura County Fair and saw Plain White T's... and went to a dance on the beach. I also went on a river trip with my singles ward to the Kern River (which I helped plan) But all those pictures were taken on a disposable camera, so photo's to come...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Once again...

I guess I just can't get enough of Magic Mountain because this was the fourth time in Three weeks that I have gone! ... I guess I'm subconsciously trying to get my fill in before I head back up to school!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Fun Weekend

So my friends and I decided that you're never too old to have sleepovers (or at least, we haven't gotten to that point yet). So we all went over to Carrie's, watched movies, ate junk food, talked, swam, and stayed up until three in the morning! Then the next day I helped Brittany move into her new apartment in San Luis Obispo... I'm really gonna miss them all when I make it back up to school! =(

Monday, July 21, 2008

So you think you can dance?

Yes I do! Well, sort of. Saturday at our stake Pioneer Day celebration we had our dance performance. I did the waltz and the Cha Cha (which I also helped teach.) In the Cha Cha I had to ba a guy in the dance because one of our young men bailed out. I had Brittany Asplund record the performances on her camera since both of her sisters were performing with me as well. So here is a video of my Waltz performance.

Magic Mountain!

Last saturday I went to Magic Mountain with Jessi and Christine. As per tradition we took action shots with the super heroes. It was way fun! And I'm glad I have a season pass so that I can go whenever I want! I actually went there on a date yesterday as well and am planning on going with some friends later this week... If only it wasn't $15 for parking! =(

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Huntington Beach Dance

So every year around this time there's a huge dance down in Huntington Beach. We got a group of about 25 of us from Simi to drive down there. It was a blast, and afterwards we of course hit up the beach and In-N-Out... always a must!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

**Dancing with the stars!**

This next saturday, our stake is putting on a "Dance Festival". It will be held at the Erringer building on the morning of the Pioneer Day celebrations. I am choreographing/teaching/dancing the Cha-Cha, and dancing the Waltz. My nights for the next two weeks will consist mostly of dancing. Surprisingly, I'm really enjoying it!

I think I'm the best Metcalf dancer... sacond to Aaron of course! =)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th Weekend!

We went to Ventura on July fourth. We hung around at the beach and then walked along the harbor. Afterwards we bbq-ed in the backyard and went to watch the Simi High fireworks from the back lawn of the Cochran building... Then on the 5th we went down to Dana Point/ Balboa Island. It was so much fun walking along the beach, checking out the shops, and getting caricatures done! =)

Third Best In The Nation

So in November my volleyball team went to the National Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska. We went in with the number 1 ranking and seed. We ended up losing a heart breaker in the semi-finals to the only other team we've lost to this year, Western Nebraska Community College. They went on to win the title while we went on to beat Frank Phillips for third place. It was so heart breaking... but at least we got a trophy! So we ended our season 44-2 overall, Conference Champions, District Champions, Region Champions, won multiple tournaments, held the #1 national ranking for over 3/4 of the year, and #rd in the Nation... not half bad!

My 19th Birthday!

So this last October I celebrated my birthday in true California style by going clubbing! =) Well, as close to clubbing as you can get in Utah at a non- alcoholic, clean music only club. A bunch of my friends got together, made a cake, and we partied til the break of dawn!

Roller Skating

In March it was dollar skate night and my friends and I thought we'd kick it up a notch and make it 80's themed... But it turned into looking a bit trailer trash 80's =) Regardless, it was still a blast!

One Crazy Weekend!

In March I went down to Las Vegas again with some of my friends to watch our baseball team... we walked on the strip, watched some games, and had tons of fun! And I finally got a picture in front of the "Vegas" sign.