Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So last weekend was a weekend for firsts. We had Monday Off for the hunting holiday (only in Utah!!! lol) and so a bunch of us decided it'd be fun to go down to St. George and go repelling. Now I had never been of course- and I had no idea what I was getting myself into (but some of my neighbors were pro and had equipment)! You have to strap yourself into a harness and basically attach yourself to a rope that is at the top of a cliff. Then you pretty much just walk off the cliff and support yourself the whole way down! Now mind you we only went on a 90 foot cliff this time (which is still huge- think 9 story building) but I was basically in tears as I did this. I knew I'd be fine but for some reason the thought of walking backwards off a cliff while i only had a rope I held onto to save my life freaked me out (I know, I know... I was over reacting... not! It was so scary!) But once I made it down the first time and got over my fear it became an adrenaline rush and I went down again and again!!! Then I started doing tricks, like 360 on my way down. And then I advanced to going down Aussie- which means walking down face first- much scarier and a little more complex. All in all I left feeling super accomplished... and you guessed it! I can't wait to go again!!!! =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rock Climbing

Cedar City actually has a lot to offer by way of outdoor activities. I've done a lot of hiking and bonfires- but some stuff requires having equipment. So luckily a few friends of mine had gear to go rock climbing. So I got to go for the first time. It was really fun! Once I got over the fear of falling and dying, and knew that my belay-er really did have a secure hold of me I was able to really have fun! I went up a couple of times... It was quite a work out, but getting to the top made me feel so accomplished! I can't believe I've never gone before... and definitely can't wait to go again =)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Caught It

Well, I caught the Swine Flu. I was hanging out with some friends this weekend and found out on monday that one of the guys I was with had the Swine Flu (which he caught from his sister). So of course by monday night I start feeling pretty crappy. Since it didn't get any better by tuesday afternoon I went in to go see the doctor. After trudging through the rain and sitting in the waiting room for over an hour he told me that I also had the Swine Flu. Let me tell you- it's not fun. Almost four days later and I still feel sick, although it's not nearly as bad as it was a few days ago. I guess the really expensive antibiotic is doing its job. I'm currently locked away in my room because I don't want to get any of my roommates sick (since two other girls on my team now have it). I guess this'll give me plenty of time to catch up on tv shows and reading other people's blogs! =)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Emo Bowling

So I know this looks totally weird. Believe me- I still don't know how they talked me into it. But a bunch of us wanted to go bowling one night but decided to put a little twist on it. Instead of just going out and bowling we made it themed... So we all got decked out in these gothic dark looks and had so much fun pretending to be Emo! Needless to say this is the last time I will dress up like that (I can't really pull it off) but it was a fun twist to the same old thing you usually do...


A few weeks ago I went down to St. George with a bunch o friends and we went caving. Now I'd only been once before- and the last time we were literally tunneling through the ground forever until we got to this big underground cave. We ended up lighting glow sticks and playing a version of hide and seek. It was so much fun! This time we really just walked around in caves until we were bored and then went out and made a camp fire. Not as fun as my first time- but all in all a fun night with great people! =)