Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Angel's Landing

Last weekend I went to Zion National Park and hiked Angel's Landing. I have a TON of pictures of it on facebook but thought I'd put a few up here since I haven't really done much since then... Anyways, here's a few stats about the hike:

  • It's a 5 hour avg hike (We got up in under an hour and a half and gat back in under two.)

  • It's over a 5 mile hike

  • The peak is at 5785 feet

  • The hardest thing I've ever done

  • So freaking steep!

  • Most amazing view

  • Sheer cliffs at high elevations while hiking on a narrow fin. Not suggested for children or those with a fear of heights. Avoid standing near the edge at all times! Do not hike the trail when it is wet, storming, or when high winds are present.