Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adventure List

So this is my last year of college (Thank Goodness!) And I really want to make the most of it. So my roommates and I came up with an "Adventure List". We wrote down a list of things that we have wanted to do in Cedar City-or in general- but haven't gotten around to yet. And we're slowly crossing things off of our list.

Writing on the football stadium bleacher seats. It's been discovered that if you flip certain chairs up and certain chairs down you can spell things out.

Playing night games at Discovery Park (a tricked out park that overlooks the town)

And wiffle ball. Thanks to my roommate Kim Duke's idea we turned it into glow in the dark wiffle ball. We used glow sticks as the bases, and wove glow sticks into the ball. It was quite the success...

...until of course I was running home, trying to score, and took out my roommate, Haley.

I felt so horrible! I mean when I play games, I usually am able to contain my competitiveness. And in all fairness she was clearly hovering over the plate (which isn't legal for this very reason)... she's fine. But I felt like a total jerk!

I've already posted some other things off our list, like rock climbing. And needless to say there will be many more posts pertaining to the infamous "Adventure List"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frisbee Golf!

Some friends of mine decided to play some frisbee golf around campus this last week... It was a ton of fun (and I need a better frisbee)
Well my roommate Marli got a frisbee stuck on the roof. So of course we figured out a way to get onto the roof to get it down... Needless to say the next night we got a huge group of people to come out and climb on the roof with us to star gaze. You couldn't really see many stars from there, but it was pretty awesome to hang out on top of our student center!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back in action

So life in Cedar City is going full swing! I'm working my 2 jobs, playing volleyball, and in my last semester of classes (next semester I student teach- then I'm graduated!) But most importantly I'm out having fun =) This last Saturday one of my roommate's boyfriend took us rock climbing out west of town. It was probably pretty boring for him, but just the perfect amount of challenge for me.

(Two of my roommates Kestri and Haley)
Sorry this picture is crooked. I suck. But Not too bad for only my second time rock climbing! (I decided I need to invest in some real rock climbing shoes)

And of course, it wouldn't be Cedar City if we weren't going to bonfires! This one got to be pretty huge... Note to self: don't let ignorant boys put a propane tank in the bonfire. This way you won't need to put out additional fires!
More excitement to come. My roommates and I are throwing a White Trash Bash at our house next Friday =)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I went up to Elise and Lane's for Labor Day weekend. It was a blast! I had to puppy sit for my friend which I thought would be a problem. Turns out Danelle loves puppies =) I got to spend tons of time with the awesome McKellar fam. We went for a drive up around Logan on Sunday and had a beautiful picnic in the mountains (below)!

And I got to take Dannelle to the swimming pool and park. It was so much fun to have her all to myself! =)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Dublin's Fair City

Alright. So I guess it's time I put some pictures of Europe up... So my friend Lindsay Heim and I backpacked trough Europe on our own in May/June. It was basically the most amazing and cultural experience ever! We started out in Dublin (after an 11 hr flight to London, then 2 hr flight to Ireland). We stayed in hostels and rode trains, ferries and the subway everywhere. Dublin was fabulous! It was everything I imagined... We had planned for one day to rent bikes, taking a train to the edge of town, and take them out into the countryside. I've always wanted to just be in those rolling green mountains. But it turns out you can't take bikes on the trains. So we switched it up and rode out to Howth- a gorgeous little seaside village.

Standing outside of our hostel, Camden Place, with all of our gear on :)

We were walking around Dublin looking at the different houses/ doors, etc. and we didn't see a cross walk around. So we asked this police officer if we were allowed to cross the street here (not wanted to get ticketed for jay walking in a foreign country) ... he laughed at us for maybe 10 seconds before saying we could. Lindsay and I felt way stupid. Apparently there's no such think as Jay walking there...

Some kegs that were just sitting on the street!
One of our many PB sandwich lunches... but the view is amazing!
On the cliffs in Howth, where we were eating our lunch
As long as you stayed on the path they really weren't that dangerous. But these signs were posted all over
I wish the camera were able to capture how gray-green the water was... and so cold!
Self explanatory... but the most beautiful stained glass windows were inside!
Oh the doors! Why can't we have doors like this here???
Temple Bar District. We went into a couple of pubs and listened to some amazing live music and met some pretty cool people!

Oh yes. And how could I leave out out last night in Dublin. The plan was to take a night ferry from Dublin to Wales and then the train to London. Well... we forgot to double check the time for our ferry and showed up an hour late for it! We calmly asked when the next ferry was thinking we could just hop on the next one. Well, surprise! It was the last on of the night and the next one isn't until 7am the next day. Of course I'm near tears at this point. We don't have a place to stay and this is going to throw us off an entire day! But the security guard was nice enough to let us sleep in the passenger waiting area. Well as you can see this isn't exactly the Ritz. We slept on skinny little metal benches with our Virgin Atlantic pillow and blanket. There was a floor to ceiling window- that looked right out to the street- which was a little disconcerting, the lights were 24hrs so they never shut off, and it kinda smelled like a bathroom. But hey! It was free and there was no way we'd miss our ferry the next morning (probably because neither of us could fall asleep for longer than 20 minute increments.) Hands down the worst nights sleep I have ever had! ... But oh so worth it in the long run! :)