Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sky Diving!

Today, August the 25th of 2009, I, Megan Kalynn Metcalf went sky diving! I jump out of a plane a 13,000 feet!!! I then free fell at 120 MPH for over a minute until I reached 5,000 feet, where the parachute was deployed! I actually got to steer the parachute part of the way... and I asked my instructor who I was attached to (beforehand) if he would do some tricks. So while we were in free fall he did probably fifteen to twenty 360's! (I can't even calculate what that would be!) And he did a bunch of this crazy spiral plummeting stuff once the parachute was out. It was a 20 minute plane ride up, where the anticipation and excitement built. Breanne was freaking out the whole time- she looked near to tears and must have said 3 different prayers on the way up. Then we got connected to our instructor and got ready to go out. I was the last one out so I watched as each group before me seemed to be sucked out of the plane... THEN we got to the open door where the wind was so loud and looking out I could see Mexico, San Diego and the Pacific Ocean. That's when the fear really hit me. I don't know how many times I screamed at the top of my lungs "OH MY GOSH!!!" So with my toes hanging off the edge, my instructor inched forward so that I was then dangling out of the plane and he held on for a split second longer....... and then all I felt was the rush of the wind and my stomach clenching up at the knowledge of my body dropping from a plane at over 13,000 feet! Free falling was the most incredible feeling EVER! I was dropping down with the wind in my face and my instructor doing 360's. I wish it would have lasted longer than a minute! And once the parachute came out we glided down and I had time to appreciate the gorgeous scenery around me... (that is of course when my instructor wasn't spinning us around seemingly uncontrollably) Once we got close to the ground all I had to do was lift up my legs and let my instructor do the work for my landing! Then I set my feet on the ground and it was all over. He unattached me and I walked back to my mom, dad, Breanne, and Haley. That's about when the nausea kicked in... I felt wonderful during the whole experience, but all of the spinning that my instructor did (that no one else did) -because I told him I wanted him to go all out and do tricks- really had my stomach going. We waited in the parking lot ten minutes before I finally threw up. Once I got it out of my system I was good to go and we headed home from the perfect weather and most incredible experience of my life! =)

I can't wait to do it again! Anyone wanna come with me?!