Monday, February 9, 2009

Smaller Knee Brace

So although it's not exactly brand new I am just now getting around to putting up pictures of my new brace. It's definately not what I thought it would be. But apparently this one is supposed to be better than those black metal ones you see around (or that Jensa wears ;) ) Anyway, I really only have to wear this one if I'm working out, playing sports, or walking where it's super icy and what not. I'm pretty dang excited that I never have to wear my other one again!!!

Also... I just went to my last physical therapy session last friday. And although I still have to work with the school trainer, that's still 4 more hours a week that I don't have to spend working on my knee!!!! =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ward Talent Show

So my ward had a combined FHE with another ward this week. And when mom found out I was performing she got pretty excited (I'm sure she thought I was going to play the piano or something) But I actually ended up doing a skit with my friends that is a spoof off of a cartoon... It was pretty much a hit. And it was really fun to do!

And I apologize... If you haven't seen the YouTube video called "Potter Puppet Pals- Ticking Noise" this probably isn't that funny...

Monday, February 2, 2009


So yesterday was Superbowl Sunday and it was pretty crazy! After going to my relief society meeting before church, then going to church, and making hot wings for the party I went to my coaches house. My entire team went over and we ate tons of food and watched the game (where I was the only one cheering for the Steelers!!!) We eventally bailed on that party and went over to my neighbors where we watched the end. I'm not gonna lie- It was probably the best/ most intense Superbowl I've ever watched!!!