Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celeste's Blessing

Holding my favorite Anderson niece's!
Hanging out on the floor...
Family photo after the blessing
Holding Sleeping Beauty
SHowin the love
I love that this bow is as big as her head :)
All good aunts double as ballerina's
Sharing artichoke dip

Family. Isn't it about time (that I updated my blog)?

Sorry these aren't in any particular order. Here is what I didnt with my family roughly around late November and early December...
At Gunnison's baby blessing- taking a little nap :)

With Danelle at the movies early December seeing Tangled (so good!)

Playing Air Hockey at Chuck E. Cheese for Danelle's 3rd birthday!

The sanitary tube system....

Chuck E. Cheese and the princess
Yep, I still kick the machines to get extra coins ;)
Gunnison (after his blessing)

Decorating the Christmas tree (note the general area of all of the ornaments)

In front of the finished product

At Temple Square with Nathan and Elise (the night we found out that Aaron and Amy were engaged!!!)

Last Semester

Well I've been considering this my last semester of classes. Next semester I'm technically still a student but I'll be student teaching- aka no classes. So I tried to make the most of this semester. I had so much fun with everyone in this class. I'm a bit sad at the idea that I may never see some of them again.
The last 4 ish months were spent with this group of people 3 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Here's just a couple of the more interesting projects that I had to do this year: A health fair tri-fold (with matching lesson plan)

And my personal favorite... 250 pages of writing letters. Why? No freaking clue, but apparently it's essential to becoming a teacher!

I went to dinner after our last final with my favorite girls from class

Goodbye to a fun semester... hello to the almost real world!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner Party

Well we threw another party in November- I'm just really slow at posting. But it was a breakfast for dinner/ pajama party. It was really so fun! I made my mom's french toast casserole. My roommates all made stuff, and people brought their favorite breakfast item to share.

We have two living rooms so people were spread out all over enjoying our awesome food!
Once the food was mostly gone we broke out Twister and played games for a while.

We took a group photo before most everyone left. It was definitely a success... I mean who doesn't love breakfast??