Wednesday, March 10, 2010

College Math?

This semester I am in a math for elementary educators class. It is meant to break down math to its simplest form so that we understand it at a deeper level in order to better teach the kids. Yes, this is what we did one class...
And can I tell you that there are people failing?????

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quick Sand

So this picture is from a few months ago but I figured I should let everyone have a laugh with me. A few friends of mine came down to visit from up north and brought down a boat. We were gonna go wake boarding/ tubing down in St. George at Sand Hallow. Well I had work in the morning so my roommate Marli and I left late to meet them down there. Well, I didn't know where they had parked, so I accidentally passed the lot where they had parked and had to make a U turn... So since the road was so narrow I figured rather than make a three point turn I'd take in wide and go a little bit onto the sand...How was I to know that if you try to drive on sand, well, you can't drive??

So naturally my car gets stuck. And I have no idea what to do. A bunch of people who were quadding stopped to help us damsel's in distress. Well pushing didn't work. And neither did trying to tow it out with the quads. I was in pretty deep! So finally my friends saw where I was and they went to get their truck... they hitched my up to their truck and towed me out no problem.
I couldn't help but laugh! I mean, who thinks they can drive on the sand??
Lesson learned! =)

Saturday, March 6, 2010


So as you can see my phone split in half... It had come apart a few weeks ago and I used my professional super gluing skills to put it back together. On top of that it wouldn't charge on its own- I would have to force the cord in and wrap it around twice counterclockwise and keep it tilted at in angle in order to give it any power (so naturally for the last few weeks that battery hasn't been charged past half power!) It held for quite a while, but it finally came completely apart to the point of no repair. And I don't think it could have happened at a more convenient time! I had ordered a free upgrade phone online 2 days before and it got delivered while I was in class, so I only had to go a few hours without a phone! =)
My new phone is a Rival. I don't love it as much as my last phone, but it's in one piece and makes calls- so I'm not complaining!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fire Alarm!

So this is my most recent culinary masterpiece. I decided one night to make a quesadilla for dinner. The way I usually do it is to put my oven on broil and then it only takes about a minute and a half to get all melty and toasty- instead of having it kind of soggy from the microwave. Well time saver that I am, I decided I would attempt to make nachos the same way at the same time. Not even 30 seconds goes by after putting the pan in the oven and smoke is billowing out of the door! I ran over to turn off the oven and pull out the pan and my nachos are literally on fire! Then the fire alarm starts blaring and is making it so I can't even think straight (whose idea was it to make them so piercingly loud??) So I'm sitting there holding the flaming food and stupidly blowing at the fire like its a birthday cake or something while simultaneously yelling "Oh Crap! Oh Crap!" ... my roommates came out just in time to watch me panicking and blowing out the fire. Then after the fire is blown out for some reason I took the pan outside to let it cool...? Don't ask. I wasn't in my right mind. I was able to salvage my quesadilla, but as you can see the nachos were lost in this tragic incident.
I promise I'm a better cook than this photo indicates (1-my ability to misjudge necessary temperature and 2) my choice in food) How was I to know that processed cheese was so flamable???

Yet another injury on my right leg...

So I have decided that my right leg is cursed. After having an ACL surgery on this leg over a year ago I have yet another injury. Although this one is NO WHERE near as bad as that. When my volleyball team was in the weight room one morning at 7am we were jumping over hurdles and I landed wrong. My ankle immediately swelled up! (as seen in the last picture) It turned out to only be a sprain but it sure looks worse than that! I went to practice later that day and played on it (I don't wanna be a baby... and when you've experienced that pain of a torn ACL and everything that entails a sprained ankle doesn't seem bad at all) I've been keeping it wrapped with this special thing called a horseshoe that pushes the swelling away from the ankle- but what happens because of that is that bruising gets pushed to weird spots too, hence the weird shapes of bruises.
I'm fine. Currently slightly hobbling like an idiot yet again. I've been getting treatment, icing my ankle, and keeping it elevated as often as possible- even as I write this... So I'll just have to get it taped for extra support during practice on top of wearing my normal ankle braces for a while.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So when I was out with a couple of my roommates we found these really random gumball type vending machines that had stick on mustaches. Naturally we each bought one and put them on for fun... Here are a couple of the ridiculous pictures. I for one am sure glad I don't hav a real one! ;)