Saturday, September 10, 2011

Park City and Pine View

My parents came up to visit Park City in July. Of course, if someone comes anywhere reletively close to where we are in Utah we have to have a small gathering. So we did just that. First we hung out around Park City. We did the slides, carousel, downtown, etc. Then later we went boating up at Pine View Resevoir. It was so much fun to go out on a boat! We did a little bit of wakeboarding, tubing, and relaxing. Even my dad attempted to wakeboard! For the most part the kids loved it... except when there was wind in their faces...

At the Park City Alpine Slides

Alpine Slide

Alpine Coaster

Loving the attention... getting to lick 3 ice cream cones!

Waiting by the carousel

Swimming... but afraid of the deep end

Main Street Park City at night

Resting in the boat at Pine View

Me wakeboarding... note the snow capped mountains in the background

Dad's attempt at wakeboarding

Trying to keep the wind out of our  eyes

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Elise and Lane said...

Glad someone atleast blogged our fun adventures! Someday i'll get caught up. Maybe till then i'll just put up a link to yours!!